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Interesting Bikes


The bicycle was introduced in the 19th century and although we have narrowed it down to a common design that you usually see around town or in the countryside, that doesn’t stop designers from trying to innovate on ways to improve it. Here are a couple of interesting designs.


The first bike (top picture) is The Eight Speed Transmission Electric Bicycle from Hammacher Schlemmer that can reach speeds of up to 20mph from a 1hp engine. The second bike is The Polygon Concept Bike designed by Reindy Allendra, who took inspiration from Music Players. The bike has a built in music player in the steering wheel that is powered by pedaling the wheels.


For the third bike here is a retro-future bike called the Bowden, Spacelander from 1960 built fully out of fiberglass with headlights and rear fenders.


Max Knight designed this really cool and fun bike that plays with the idea that shoes can be used as tires for the wheels (the bike actually works…kind of.)


Folding bikes are really practical when traveling and also if you live in a small space in the city. The Strida Folding Bike 5.0 is one of the most advance folding bikes on the market with a greaseless Kevlar chain and front and back disc brakes.


The Nad-Ofan (rocking cycle) is concept designed by Amir Zobel who drew inspirations from his childhood memories of playing around both on a balance bike and a rocking horse. The Nad-Ofan can easily be converted for either purpose by simply folding the wheel into the wooden body.


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  • Shanee

    June 5, 2013

    I am an industrial design student in Cape Town South Africa, as a illustration project we had to design our own bicycle. I found your article very inspiring, thank you so much.

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