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Immortal Cinema

On summer Saturday nights at Hollywood Forever Cemetery you’ll see dead people, or , at least their headstones. And a few mausoleums too. But, mostly you’ll see hundreds of cinephiles picnicking al fresco in the Southern California twilight and enjoying themselves a good film.

In a city known for the “industry”, but not for its sense of community, Cinespia draws all kinds of people together for one of the few phenomenon that connects countless of its residents together—the spectacle of cinema. Festive crowds boo the bad guy, and warn unsuspecting protagonists of the dangers that lurk beyond. And They share wine. Alcohol is allowed. But tall chairs are not.

Hollywood celebrates life among the deceased. Celebrities, dead and alive, blend in among the darkness. The eclectic choice of genres range from horror to cult to classic; this season’s selections include Harold and Maude and Pee Wee’s Big Adventure.

A rotation of DJs warms up the audience beforehand, and gets them out the cemetery gates and into the beckoning Saturday night with some spring in their step. Unless, of course, you have no soul.

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