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How to recycle your mobile phone

How to recycle your mobile phone........(mobilephoneflower.jpg)

Ever wondered what to do with your old cell phone when you've moved on? You could throw it in a landfill (bad idea), donate it to charity (good idea) – or plant it. Researchers in England have come up with a way of burying mobile phones and watching them grow into flowers.

How to recycle your mobile phone........(mobilephoneflower2.jpg)

Engineers at the University of Warwick's Warwick Manufacturing Group noticed that, with the advent of cooler and cooler phones, people have been throwing more and more away. In conjunction with hi-tech materials company PVAXX Research & Development, they've developed a phone case that can be buried and within weeks start to distintegrate. Embedded within the biodegradable polymer is a seed that won't germinate until the case is buried in compost. Great idea. RM

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