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How to buy a Corvette

How to buy a Bentley....................(semiautomatic2.jpg)

We've all arrived at hotels without toothbrushes or contact lens cases from time to time. But we've rarely seen a solution as neat as that in the lobby of the Mondrian, South Beach, Miami. Earlier this year, the hotel installed the Semi-Automatic – a vending machine like no other.

How to buy a Bentley....................(semiautomaticstitch.jpg)

Designed by the Ito Partnership for the Morgans Hotel Group, and stocked by Morgans' creative director Kim Walker, it's a veritable feast for the imagination. Instead of rubbery sandwiches, this automat sells some serious swank. And instead of small change, you'll need plastic. And depending on what you buy, a big credit limit.

Want a Paul Frank toothbrush, heart-shaped sunglasses, fake eyelashes, or a marabou vest? No problem. Solid gold handcuffs or Atari Classics for your Playstation? Just hit the touchscreen. A mechanical arm will scoop it up from a shelf and drop it into the receptacle in front of you.

How to buy a Bentley....................(semiautomatic.jpg)

For those with a serious urge to spend, though, how about a 1965 Corvette? Touch the screen and it's yours for $68,000. You get a voucher, and a few hours later, the car will arrive at the hotel. 

As one hotel guest is quoted as saying, 'Who the hell would spend that much money at a vending machine? I mean, if something gets caught, can you shake it?'

And after you've purchased your Corvette you should check out the rest of the Mondrian Miami's amazing interior design and eyecatching artwork created by Marcel Wanders.


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