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Hotel for Fish

Last summer, as we mentioned, Dutch travel company D-reizen opened the Goudvissenhotel at Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam. Sounds like a non-event 'til you find out it's not for us two-legged travelers. It's a hotel for fish.

You've heard that expression about fish needing bicycles. Well, who knew they needed hotels? But it seems that the folks at D-reizen saw the need, and cornered the market. Travelers passing through Schiphol are invited to drop off their pet fish free of charge at the Goudvissenhotel.

So there's no need to pester your neighbors or find a friendly fishsitter. Just drop little Nemo by the Goudvissenhotel and go. The hostel has private rooms (so your beloved fish doesn't get savaged by someone else's Betta fish – it also means you get the right pet back), a swimming pool with waterslide, a beach, a tennis court and a restaurant. No kidding.

All those fish on display in the tank? They're the hotel's permanent residents. Sounds like a pretty nice life. RM

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