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Holiday Gift Guide for Trailer Lovers

Holiday Gift Guide for Trailer Lovers

We love trailers. You love trailers. Everyone loves trailers, especially when they're chic and cheap like this trailer from the collection! We've assembled a special gift guide for trailer lovers and outdoor afficinados, full of really cool items that are both functional and just plain fun. From trailer-inspired ornaments and useful camping gear to unique Christmas lights and play sets for the kids, we've got everyone on your list covered. Check out our picks below and head over to our Amazon Store to make a purchase.

Holiday Gift Guide for Trailer Lovers - Ornaments

Get into the spirit with cool Christmas Tree ornaments in the shape of vintage trailers from all eras. Go the glittery route with these retro-style ornaments from Old World.

Holiday Gift Guide for Trailer LoversHoliday Gift Guide for Trailer Lovers

Even more retro-inspired ornaments for your tree. We love the Teardrop ornaments! Buy one in every color.

Holiday Gift Guide for Trailer Lovers

Keep the camping /div> spirit going with these lantern-shaped christmas lights. String them outside your trailer or on your tree for a cool camping touch.

Boon Light Ups

The Boon Glo Nightlight is great for young campers who don't want to be alone in the dark. The non-electronic LED balls turn on when the lights go off and are fully portable, so you can tuck them into bed with your children or take one along with you on a night time walk. The glow fades after 30 minutes.

Holiday Gift Guide for Trailer Lovers

Durable outdoor patio lights are also a great way to liven up your outdoor space and get into a festive mood. These are so pretty, we might just leave them up year round.

Holiday Gift Guide for Trailer Lovers

Coleman's outdoor dining set is a classic that's an essential part of any camper's kit. The red-speckled version is especially festive!

Holiday Gift Guide for Trailer Lovers

If you've got a family of campers on your list, why not spring for the functional 13-piece MSR Flex 4 System Cookset for the parents and the Educational Grill-And-Go (with realistic sizzling sounds!) playset for the kids?

Holiday Gift Guide for Trailer Lovers

The 9-piece Pretend and Play Camp Set is another great option for the kids.

Holiday Gift Guide for Trailer Lovers

It really is Adventure Time with the cinch bag to stow your supplies and bright yellow beanie to keep your head warm on chilly December nights in the woods!

Holiday Gift Guide Mini Trailer

Forgo the traditional dollhouse and go with miniature trailers instead.

Holiday Gift Guide for Trailer Lovers - Mr. Magee

Pair any of the above camping play-sets with this fun children's book for a cool package gift.

Holiday Gift Guide for Trailer Lovers

Finally, for the adults, check out "My Cool Caravan" or "Trailerama", two cool books about how to renovate and live in vintage trailers. You can purchase all of these items and even more cool trailer-related items in our Amazon Store.

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  • Really this will be great b’day gift for my wife…
    I like it…
    Thanks for sharing…

  • Rachel Ramos

    February 28, 2013

    Glad I read this article. My husband and I are huge travel lovers. Next month is his 35th Bday and I’ve been wondering what to get him. Found some great ideas here. The Boon Glo Nightlight and the dining set will be the perfect gift.

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