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Guerilla Drive-In


Ever get nostalgic for the Drive-In movies of yore? Now with the new global guerilla drive-in movement, MobMov, the drive-in is making a comeback–thanks to the wonders of modern technology.


Tired of high ticket prices and long lines at the cineplex, the nostalgia-driven MobMov is a home-grown, guerilla movement that aims to bring back the sense of community and support of local films that the cinema used to offer.


Through the internet, members of MobMov organize themselves and agree upon a time, movie, and location for the drive-in. They communicate via an online forum, and coordinate in order to show up in their cars at a pre-set time and location, tuning in to the specified radio channel to hear the movie.

By enclosing the projector and FM transmitter inside a car, MobMov actually improves upon the traditional drive-in experience: with the transmitting devices enclosed, the show can happen hot or cold, rain or shine. Because of the nature of the projection devices, MobMov can project anywhere, even the back of a warehouse, or the outside wall of an empty department store.


As their philosophy centers around putting the power of movies back into the hands of the people, there are instructions available on the internet about how to set up and run your very own local MobMov, complete with instructions about fundraising, spreading the word, and setting up the technology. Followed, of course, by disavowals about the legality of their advice. But hey, isn't flexible legailty what guerrilla movements are all about?

All photos by Bryan Kennedy 

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  • Michael

    May 21, 2008

    An honorable concept, and how wonderful to see the spirit of the drive in live on.. a 1960 Bonneville convertible on a summer night at the drive in was a sweet time…Time to get this going in my town!

  • John M.

    May 21, 2008

    I miss drive-ins.

    When I was around 8 years old, my father and a bunch of his hippy friends took me to see Night of the Living Dead at a drive-in near Pittsburgh, only a few miles away from where they shot it. We sat outside. It was really creepy.

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