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Google Earth is not ‘news’ but I have to admit it was news to me when a friend told me about it 2 month ago. I downloaded the software (for free) and spend the next 3 days surfing the world. I was totally fascinated with it. I loved it.

Of course one of my first trips was to Verana. Then I traveled along the coast of California all the way up to Oregon checking out places we had been, we were planning to go, I zoomed in on interesting spots, flew over mountains, discovered lakes and remote country roads and went all the way into downtown San Francisco.

From that day on I started using Google Earth instead of Yahoo Map when I had to go somewhere. When Charlie, former Verana manager, told me he works now in the Maldives I took a look at where he is. I checked out my old home town Stuttgart in Germany, found the street where I was living some 25 years ago and pinpointed actually the house ( a bit blurry though).

Google Earth is fun and I thought I'd put this up for all of those who don’t know about it yet. Don’t miss using the ‘tilt ‘ and ‘ rotate’ tool. Let me know where you are going. HL

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    September 19, 2006

    thanks for this info on Google Earth. I just downloaded it and it was really pretty quick and easy to set up. It’s a great tool.. Definitely got me thinking and dreaming of new travel adventures.

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