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Folding kayak

Folding a boat and putting it in a backpack isn't something you'd ever imagine was possible. But the TRAK T-1600 does exactly that – it's a performance kayak that folds up into a bag. It weighs 58 lbs in the pack and you can assemble it in around ten minutes. It's great for beginners, but also versatile and agile enough for experts.

The TRAK is tough as nails, so apparently you can do almost anything to it and it'll survive. In addition to folding, it also changes shape in the water. Controls allow you to straighten the hull for maximum speed or curve it for easy maneuverability (as shown in the images below). Want to rush out and start kayaking? Slow down a second – the bad news is it's $5,495. Still a great idea, but you might have to save up first. RM

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