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Fly Like An Eagle

I’m sitting in my car on the Interstate. Gridlocked. Heatwaves are rising up from the pavement and the a/c in my car isn’t working. Sweat trickles into my eyes as I glance at the clock. I left my house an hour ago and I’m not anywhere CLOSE to the airport yet. Damn. I am going to be SO late and I still have to go through the security line. And I have a middle seat. Ick. It’s at this point you wonder if air travel is worth it.


Can you imagine the possibilities? You put on your flight suit, climb the steps to your roof and strap on your 8 foot wing, fire up the engines and jump off. Instead of crashing to the ground (like you did when you tried this at 9 years old with a bath towel pinned to your shoulders) you zoom up and over the neighbor’s house, above the trees, and up into the sky. You soar, dip and roll in the cool air on the way to your destination. No traffic, no security lines, no overly talkative seat mates.  Just you and the sky and the birds. In the words of Steve Miller Band “Fly like an eagle, to the sea.” Check out more on his site Jet Man.

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