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Egg mania

When I was little, I hated runny eggs. When I was promised a hard-boiled egg and it had a soft center, it was particularly upsetting. These days I'm a vegetarian and eat more eggs than I used to – especially when I'm traveling. So, it's great to hear that some kindly genius has invented a way of making sure eggs are cooked perfectly. The British Egg Information Service recently announced the creation of a self-timing egg.

Egg mania

At first glance, this story made me think of self-basting chickens (which I always thought was a hilarious idea). But instead of the eggs counting to 480 and yelling 'Done!', they carry a special ink label for soft, medium or hard-boiled. When you drop them into boiling water the eggs seem normal; when they're cooked to your specification, a Lion logo appears. As if by magic.

Egg mania

This clever technology was created by B&H Colour Change, creators of thermochromic and liquid crystal products such as bath plugs, mousemats and children's stickers. The self-timing eggs aren't yet on the market, but should be soon. RM

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  • Roshan

    February 5, 2008

    Personally, I don’t eat anything that has eyeballs, or that I could have as a pet. I think eggs fall under the category of ‘animal products’, and your definition supports some flexibility on this subject. You may be confusing ‘vegetarian’ with ‘vegan’.

  • Danielle

    February 5, 2008

    Although this is a super cool idea, I don’t think you understand the definition of ‘vegetarian.’

    1. Eater of fruits and grains and nuts; someone who eats NO meat or fish or (often) any animal products.

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