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Do You Still Write Postcards?

Lovi postcards 1

I love getting postcards. Not only do you get a hand written note from a friend in far off places, they give you a little chance to daydream; much better than a bland email. But what’s even more fun than a regular postcard is one that turns into something else.

Lovi postcards 2

In Paris a few years ago I found a small store that sold postcards with a drawing of the Eiffel Tower that could be cut out and folded into a 3D model. I bought several and my friends love them; one of them still has their Eiffel Tower model hanging in the window.

Lovi postcards 3

Finnish designer Anne Paso has expanded on the same idea, making these beautiful flat-pack postcards that can be assembled into everything from birds to pigs to reindeer. The constructions are made out of natural and consist of pre-cut pieces that are easy to pop-out and assemble. The whole thing is sent in a postcard-looking envelope; wouldn’t you love one in your mailbox?

Lovi postcards 5

Lovi postcards 6

Lovi postcards 6

Hopefully that gives you some inspiration to send off a few handwritten notes in the New Year! AB

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  • heidi

    July 2, 2010

    Wow these are very beautiful and would make the average postcard look away in shame.

  • jingpi

    January 27, 2010

    Very beautiful, I love

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