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Copenhagen Bike Share Competition

Exploring a city by bike certainly has its perks. You travel slow enough to truly take in your surroundings, but you travel efficiently enough to make it to all of your sought out destinations on your must-see list. The popularity of bike share programs in large cities has therefore caught the attention of tourists, and bike design has followed suite. As bike share programs are popping up in cosmopolitan cities, officials are trying to keep up, ensuring that their city has the best, and most beautiful, bike infrastructure to offer.

The City of Copenhagen recently held a contest to come up with the sleekest, most functional design for its new bike share fleet. The two winners – My Loop and Open Bike – are beautiful examples of functional yet aesthetically pleasing design. These are not your clunky 10-speeds from the 70s!

Copenhagen actually wants 50% of the city’s population commuting by bike in the metropolitan area by 2015. With designs like these, that might not be too difficult and hopefully more cities around the globe will start to institute similar programs.


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  • Athena

    June 12, 2012

    Where can I get one of these????

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