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Cool Halloween Traditions Worth Traveling For

Halloween Traditions Around the World

Most people don't generally think of Halloween as a time to hit the road, but we think every holiday is worth celebrating with a vacation, especially one as fun as Halloween! Even if you're too old to go trick or treating, there are plenty of cool Halloween traditions worth traveling for and lots of modern vacation rentals to stay in while you're at it. From hunting trolls in Norway to spirit festivals in Japan, there's a whole world of spooky traditions waiting to be discovered. Check out our favorites below.

Verana, Yelapa, MexicoVerana, Yelapa


Dia de Los Muertos is a Mexican holiday celebrated on November 1st and 2nd. People create altars to their deceased relatives and decorate them with flowers, sugar skulls, and food that was favored by the dead while they were alive in order to entice the spirits to return. Traditions vary from village to village.


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Modern Vacation Rentals Kyoto
Ishifudono-Cho, Kyoto


Japan does not traditionally celebrate Halloween, however the Obon Festival in early August ends with a ceremony that celebrates the spirits returning to the world of the dead. Paper lanterns are floated down the river to symbolize their passage. Book a stay at any of our modern vacation rentals in Japan to experience this unique holiday.


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Grettisborg Apartment, Iceland
Design Penthouse, Reykjavik


Do you believe in Elves? The Icelanders do. In fact, the Icelandic belief in elves is so strong it has caused construction to be halted when it is thought to be disturbing the mythical inhabitants. Many Icelanders place little houses in their gardens to act as homes for the tiny creatures.


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Small Hotels Norway
Boutique Hotel Norway, Valdres


Where Iceland is home to elves, Norway boasts a large troll population. Read this if you don't believe me.


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Aufberg 1113, Austria
Aufberg 1113, Hohen Tauern


St. Martin's Day, celebrated in Germany, Austria, and the Netherlands on November 11th, is similar to Halloween in that children go door to door with self-made paper lanterns, singing songs about the generosity of St. Martin, the patron saint of soldiers. The children are rewarded for their songs with /div> candy and money.


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Chromatic House, Lisbon, Portugal
Chromatic House, Torres Vedras


In Portugal, All Saint's Day is celebrated in a manner similar to Dia de Los Muertos. The Portuguese clean and decorate their deceased relatives graves with food and flowers. They also bake special fritters flavored with cinnamon and nutmeg.


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Modern Vacation Rentals France
Loire Valley Retreat, Linieres Bouton


Halloween is somewhat controversial in France and not really celebrated except by children and teenagers looking for a reason to party. However, there are still plenty of spooky places to visit. In Paris, check out the very cool and very macabre Catacombs or pay homage to deceased artists at Père Lachaise (and book a stay in one of our Paris rentals for the quickest access). Further afield, the many Chateaux of the Loire Valley have long and sometimes bloody histories that are sure to have resulted in a ghost or two.


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