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Clouds for Sale


Most people have done it at some point in their lives: stared at the sky on a breezy summer day, and tried to find shapes in the clouds. Now with a new type of advertising, they make the shapes for you.


Flogos, a “cloudy” mixture of soap-based foam and helium, will shape your logo into a cloud for you, and send it off to drift for miles. Invented by Francisco Guerra and Brian Glover, these “flogo” shapes are supposed to be environmentally friendly, dissolving upon contact and eventually evaporating. (Although according to some reports, they are strong enough to bounce off of buildlings. Attacked by a cloud!)

flogo apple

Although “sky writer” services have been around for a while, Flogos have the advantage of being much sharper, and easier to recognize. Some science fiction paranoiacs worry that this will lead to the renting out of advertising space in the very air around us, speculating that each person might have to pay to maintain their personal space as “logo-free.”



However, that's a long way off. And as this natural cloud shape spotted over Monument Rocks Natural Area in Kansas, we still have a long way to go before we humans can top mother nature. Can you see the dragon?



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