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Best New Travel Gadgets

Best New Travel Gadgets

Traveling can be stressful, so isn't it great when you find a cool new gadget designed to make life on the road a little easier? Here's a list of our current faves, ranging from pocket showers and iPod chargers to a camper trailer that switches seamlessly from road to water.

Best New Travel Gadgets

We know, a trailer isn't really a "gadget" but the amphibious Sealander is just so cool we couldn't wait to share. Created by a German industrial designer, Sealander is a lightweight fiberglass trailer that's half camper, half electric boat. It couldn't be easier: just pack up your outdoor gear, hitch the camper to your car, drive down to the lake, and set sail (inland waters only for now.) A customizeable interior incorporating a toilet, kitchen, and plenty of sleeping space completes the sleek design. As with our other fave deluxe camper trailer, Sealander's price tag might make your eyes water, but if you think you can handle the sticker shock, check out Sealander's website here.

Best New Travel Gadgets - Pocket Shower

Anyone who's spent time on the road will tell you that keeping up good hygiene habits can be tough, but the ingenious Pocket Shower makes it easy to grab a quick shower anywhere. Simply fill up the light-absorbent bag with up to 10 litres of water, hang it from a nearby tree, and enjoy a 7-minute shower on the go. When you're done, the bag folds down into a palm-sized packet that fits easily into your purse or backpack. Pick one up via our Amazon shop right here.

Best New Travel Gadgets - Laundry Pod

If Pocket Shower takes care of your body, Laundry Pod handles your clothes. Laundry Pod works in much the same way as the salad spinners that inspired its design. You dump in your dirty clothes along with soap and water into the pod, crank the handle on the top, and spin the sweat right off your t-shirts. Do a second rinse without soap and voila! Clean clothes ready to be squeezed out or hung up to dry. The dirty water empties out through a hose in the bottom. This baby is just as suitable for travel as it is for apartment living or just for individuals who want a more eco-friendly way of doing the wash. Pick one up here.

Best New Travel Gadgets - Waterclock

You can also use water to power this eco-friendly clock. Regular tap water powers it for 12-14 weeks and a memory chip keeps the time while you're between rounds. Purchasable for only a measly $6, this is one travel gadget that's definitely worth the money. Pick up yours via our shop!

Best New Travel Gadgets - Collapsible Lantern

Let there be light! We love Jesper Jonnson's solar-powered camping lantern for it's great style and cool design.

Best New Travel Gadgets - Collapsible Lantern

We also love that it folds down into a compact cube that's ready to go anywhere. 

Inside Outside Umbrella

Here's another cool folding idea: the Inside Outside Umbrella transforms from fully functioning umbrella into a chic little carry-all with a double skin to trap /div> the remaining water droplets. This would be a great purchase for any upcoming trips to London!

Best Travel Gadgets - Sunpocket

Going somewhere sunny? Take along some Sunpocket shades, a chic pair of sunnies that fold up into your pocket when the sun goes down. If you like these, make sure to check out our article on other cool gadgets that fold!

Best New Travel Gadgets

While we're on the subject of small, don't forget to take along this toy-like, miniaturized version of the classic Leica camera that fits in the palm of your hand. Pick up one of your own right here.

Best New Travel Gadgets - Bookmarks

While you're out exploring foreign city streets, the very cool Walk Around Bookmark will save you some major hassle. This very basic design is part bookmark, part tote. The long strap clips onto your guidebook (or iPad or textbook or whatever you're carrying) and slips over your shoulder for the ultimate in easy carrying. It might also spare you the embarrassment of standing on a street corner flipping through a dog-eared copy of Lonely Planet in search of the right page while the locals chuckle at your dilemma.

Best New Travel Gadgets - Hammock

Ever had a situation where an electrical socket is placed so poorly that it's impossible to charge your device without letting it dangle helplessly (and dangerously) from the wall? This cool little hammock is the answer. Called LOAD-DING, it fits right over the socket and cradles your iPod/iPhone while it charges. It's available through our shop for only $15; much cheaper than the cost to replace a broken iPhone.

Belle Hop Travel Alarm

Finally, we know that travel can also be risky. Put your mind at rest with the Belle Hop Travel Alarm. Simply hook it onto the doorway before you hit the sack, and should anyone attempt to force open the door during the night, an 95 db alarm will sound. It also comes equipped with LED flashlight for extra safety in the dark. Pick one up here. MT

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    Only the sunglasses I know that it can be fold but the other stuff I didn’t know it could go through that. I am not shock with the alarm thingy but I did shock the most of the wifi shower. I mean seriously, it could produce water from it then you would take a shower? That’s completely fascinating.

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  • Tim

    August 19, 2012

    The laundry pod is definitely portable and useful for travelers, but it isn’t Eco friendly. Modern HE washers are very water-efficient and use less water for the amount of clothes washed, and, in fact, use very little electricity as well (typically as low as $25 for an entire year’s worth of washing in an extra-large capacity washer).

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