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Barking mad

3176 Barking mad

It's amazing what can get stuck in trees. I've heard a lot about cats and seen a lot of kites, but never bicycles – and never in the actual trunk. I have no idea how this one got where it is, but an internet search for weird looking trees revealed some other freaky specimens…

3174 Barking mad

This Australian baobab tree looks like something from another world.

3224 Barking mad

As do these two strange specimens…

3225 Barking mad

Whether this face came into existence on its own or with the help of a humorous human, is hard to say.

3177 Barking mad

Some trees just seem to have grown into amusing shapes…

3199 Barking mad

Either that or they have a sense of humor that's weirdly similar to ours.

Images: (top) Jody Boyman

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  • Roshan

    June 22, 2008

    You’re right. It is in Washington. Here’s the exact location for anyone wanting to visit:

  • Dvo

    June 21, 2008

    Hey! I used to live on Vashon Island in WA state where I believe that bike eating tree can be found. Right along side Sound Foods Restaurant on Vashon Hwy.

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