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A different kind of SLR

Digital single-lens-reflex, or SLR, cameras have changed the world of photography. Having grown in popularity, and less expensive along the way, digital SLRs allow anyone with an interest in photography to explore their creativity. California College of the Arts student Erin Fong has designed this intriguing SLR, making taking photos even easier and more intuitive.

The design splits the camera controls over two arms. The arms can move around the central lens, which allows the photographer to take photos in a variety of positions, making it a great device for both right and left-handed photographers. Fong has also designed the camera so that it can be used with only one handle, much like camera phones.

Up until now, camera design has followed traditional forms, mainly on account of the necessary space and functionality that was required when taking photos with film. Switching film for digital however makes it easier to play with various forms of the camera, meaning that we can hopefully expect many new progressive designs that will inspire our photography.


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  • CMOS

    January 11, 2010

    how does one zoom in/out? or use the focus ring?

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