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X-Ray Art

We've all experienced the massive inconvenience that is air travel today: full body scans, no liquids in your carryon bags, taking off your shoes, and the list goes on and on. Where has the sense of our fellow travelers' humanity gone? Or are we destined to one day shuffle naked into the airport before being vacuum wrapped in plastic in order to board a plane? Well, one artist has decided to inject a little humor into this dehumanizing security process: behold, X-Ray Art.

x ray art

Created by Evan Roth, these X-Ray art pieces are metal plates with various messages etched into them. The idea is that as they pass through the X-ray scanners, your very own personal message will be visible to the security agent scanning your luggage for other, more dangerous metal objects. Like those tweezers I was carrying last August, which, I'm sure, were a real threat to our national security.

x ray art

Evan has asked for suggestions on his personal blog for messages to be etched onto the metal plates; my favorite was “Support the troops!” Many commenters have suggested that you'd be foolish to put this art into practice on your next flight, unless you also plan on traveling with a civil rights lawyer. C'mon, airport security: can't you take a joke?

UPDATE: it appears they can!

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  • BKendall

    December 11, 2009

    Why not say ‘Have a nice day!’. Those people that work at airport security have a crap job.

  • Lajja Gandhi

    October 21, 2008

    I love this idea too.. In this world of extreme terrorism maybe a little lighthearted fun will make some difference. At least it adds a few laughs to an otherwise boring process of getting from point A to B!

  • Roshan

    October 16, 2008

    I love this idea, but it reminds me of those people who, when asked if they are carrying anything explosive in their bag, think it’s hilarious to say, ‘Yeah, a bomb!’ Then they get marched off to Guantanamo Bay, never to be seen again…

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