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vacation-rentals_six-house_porto-portugal_ext6 For better or for worse, it's no secret colors can make a difference between good and bad design. However, more often than not, colors are not only being chosen for its ability to define a space’s ambience, but also to define and shape your mood. It can do everything from enhance your feelings to modify the perceived temperature! The psychology of color is a big and fascinating design trend today. We would like to welcome you to the world of colors and the homes that take hues to the next level.

510_modern_vacation_rentals-Gadanho_house Blue is a potent sedative. We think this is an ideal place to take a good book and to enjoy the serenity the room will bestow upon you. And frankly, we have a big crush on the Chromatic House in Torres Vedras, Portugal. It is a attractive dreamland of colors mixed with minimalist design that is guaranteed to swoon you. From bright to pastel colors, we love the wide range of variety for any mood and feeling. modern_vacation_rentals_pousadouro Casas de Pousadouro is the perfect place to relax. We think of this place as cloud nine. We just love the natural haven the rooms create! With modernity and elegance, it is a truly tranquil environment filled with sophisticated design. Relax and enjoy the scenery, just don't forget to leave the house once in awhile. modern-vacation-rental-canada-interior-2 Now, imagine sitting on that throne and enjoying the view. It is no surprise that Red is the most powerful and emotive color on the color wheel. It is said to represent our cravings and desires in all areas. And to tell you the truth, we are enchanted by The Box House in Nova Scotia, Canada.  We love the seclusion, the modern style, and the majestic view. Modern_vacation_rentals_Spain Red also stimulates conversation and can be considered a cozy,warm color. The Courtyard in Tenerife, Spain creates a life of its own with its vibrant and powerful hues. The color here promotes a satisfying environment for a stimulating conversation (red is known to encourage conversation and great communication). vacation-rentals_casa-dos-chicos_sayulita-mexico_int1 Yellow is the lightest and most cheerful color. It is the color of new ideas and optimism. Casa Dos Chicos is it's own world of colors. It is located in the energetic town of Sayulita, Mexico that we think is just an extension of the liveliness of the home. Each room is a colorful oasis. vacation-rentals_countryside-retreat_alentejo_portugal_intb Orange uniquely combines the energy from red and and the joyfulness from yellow. It can assist in uplifting your spirits during difficult times and rejuvenate your spirits. We adore the Countryside Retreat in Alentejo, Portugal and its vibrant decor. We like the simplicity with the rich hues. Now, mix that with the magnificent wild land that surrounds the home and we think you will have an unforgettable experience that will leave you energized. vacation-rentals_norway_herangtunet-hotel_jotunheimen_int_18 Purple is the color of greatness and power. Known to stimulate your imagination. The deep purple in this room adds to the elegance of Herangtunet situated in Valdres, Norway. We can't get enough of this majestic small hotel surrounded by woods and water at an altitude of 500 meters. 510_modern_vacation_rentals_Historic_boutique_hideaway We think the delicate hint of purple offers more of a romantic and dreamy feel to this room. The Historic Boutique Hideaway is one of our favorite Small Hotels. It is regal, enchanting, and simply charming.  This 40-acre organic farm once belonged to the monks of St. Anna and is drenched in history. It is an eclectic mix of new and old for the traveler who wants a stylish sanctuary soaked in beauty and awe. Modern_vacation_rentals_Sicily We think the Design B&B in Sicily, Italy has an extremely playful personality and is saturated in artwork and color. We found psychedelic wallpapers, unique vintage furniture, and different cool ambiances in each room. The green in here has a relaxing effect and is known to aid in calming the nerves. modern_vacation_rentals_italy_8 We love Itri Villa's orange door that adds a playfulness to the room. We are quite fond of this modern house designed by award winning architect, Cherubino Gambardella. It's sleek design and simplicity is nicely accented with color. 510_modern_vacation_rentals_alentejo_portugal_81566_ext2 The Alentejo Villa in Montemor-o-Novo, Portugal is a beautiful traditional and comfy home. We like the use of bold colors to highlight the beauty of this place, and we think it is a nice contrast to the countryside. It is both inviting and homey.


Colors play a uniquely important role in the world we live in. It can irritate you, sooth you, sway your thinking, or change your actions. It can transform the space and spruce up dull areas. So next time you pick out your next adventure, keep color in mind. 


Contributed by Anna Vorontsova

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