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Take a little Verana with you when you leave… When we created Verana, we wanted to fill it with beautiful handmade designs that you wouldn't find anywhere else. So many people have asked us about these designs that we are now offering a selection of furniture and accessories for sale.

Child’s multicolored painted chair, approx. 1ft in height, $85

Little wooden milking stool, approx. 1ft in height, $80

Wooden stick chair, hand-sculpted by Santos at Verana, sizes and shapes vary, $250-$400

Large orange and red hammock, $65

King-size mosquito net with cotton trim, $110

Tall, roughly-carved wooden stool, $175

Rosewood place mats, made in Yelapa and designed especially for use in Verana’s restaurant, approx. 9x16in, $25-$35 each, according to size

Little wooden foot stool, approx. 11in in height, $48

Recycled chopstick lamps, as seen in many rooms at Verana, various styles, from $26

Wrought-iron chair with orange fabric, designed exclusively for Verana, approx. 2ft in height and 26in wide, $450

Square wrought-iron table with orange tiles, approx. 18in in height and 12in in width, $85

Orange/yellow powder-coated metal and primavera wood chair and table, found at Verana’s pool restaurant, $450 each

Large umbrellas, available in orange and red or blue and orange

Metal wall sculptures designed by Laura Dean specially for Verana.

Verana palm tree, approx. 5″x5″ $150
Verana palapa, approx. 5″x4″ high $300
The mule, approx. 5″x4″ high $300

As most of the items are handmade, size and color will vary. Some of the items listed are in stock and available for immediate shipping from our Los Angeles office. It may take us about 8 weeks to have other orders made. Please contact us for availability and for details of shipping charges.

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  • liz

    September 13, 2009

    i want a chair

  • Rochelle I'Anson

    May 15, 2007

    Wow shop items are beautiful great use of local talent

    Cant wait to get there!!!!

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