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Vancouver's Greener Green

Verdant Vancouver looks good in green. The city is renowned worldwide for the beauty of the mountainous scenery that dominates the cityscape. Its’ downtown rooftops and balconies are adorned with veritable botanical gardens. It’s a pretty city that’s good enough to eat. Literally.

Vancouver is pioneering the urban agriculture movement by requiring that developments in Southeast False Creek, a new downtown neighborhood being built on a former shipyard, include edible landscaping and working, food-producing gardens. The waterfront neighborhood will house about 16,000 residents when completed, and will serve as model of self-sustainability for the rest of the city. Vancouver plans to apply similar regulations to other areas in the future.

But, if you build it, will they come? Residents can not be forced to grow their own tomatoes, carrots and berries. Therefore, the project’s success requires a considerable green shift in thinking and lifestyle on the part of Vancouverites. It will be interesting to see if they are up to the challenge.

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