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The walls have eyes

Favela Eyes Rio de Janeiro..............(4089.jpg)

Look closely at this picture. At first glance, it’s not a pretty sight, a sprawling shanty town in Rio de Janeiro. On second glance, it’s something else entirely. Art, to be precise, courtesy of French photographer and guerilla artist JR.

Favela Eyes Rio de Janeiro..............(4086.jpg)

JR is best known for photographing people with a 28mm camera he found on the underground, and covertly posting the images around their hometowns. His guerilla style has been described as possessing a quailty of ‘in-your-face rudeness’.

Favela Eyes Rio de Janeiro..............(4085.jpg)

He’s just spent a month in a historical – but dangerous – favela district of Rio, where recently three teenagers were killed in a clash with corrupt local authorities. With the help of local photographer Mauricio Hora, JR photographed women of all backgrounds and ages who are caught up in a constant daily struggle. His installation, called 28 Millimetres: Women, was posted with their help.

Favela Eyes Rio de Janeiro..............(4087.jpg)

JR’s work is prolific, and has graced walls from Paris to Berlin, London to Cartagena, Spain. Women is a global project, with sister projects in Sierra Leone, Libera and Sudan, with Asian countries being added soon. RM

Favela Eyes Rio de Janeiro..............(4088.jpg)

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  • sarahelizabeth

    December 21, 2008

    really amazing–a masterpiece.

  • paoruiz

    October 24, 2008

    This is just awesome. I hope you can do this in the Philippines as well. You know, you’ll have a lot of canvasses here.

  • jesse

    October 21, 2008

    cool picture

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