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Tent village

Earlier this year, Paris-based artists Lucy and Jorge Orta flew out to Antarctica to erect a village of tents. The 50 domed dwellings featured flags from countries all over the world, pieces of clothing, webbing and silkscreen prints. More than just an art installation, Antarctic Village – No Borders was created as a symbol of people fighting for freedom of movement across borders, the right to escape political and social conflict.

Tent villagerefugee camps that we see all the time in newspapers and on television. They're in Antarctica because it's the closest place to a no-man's-land we have. Many countries have laid claim to it, but it almost defies them. The tents serve to remind us of events like the death of 58 Chinese illegal immigrants found in the back of a truck in Dover, England, in 2000. And of the 289 foreigners that human rights groups claim died in 2004 trying to find refuge in Spain alone.

Tent villageUniversal Declaration of Human Rights. RM

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