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Tent art

Tent artDré Wapenaar. Treetents (or Boomtenten, pictured above) were originally designed for British road protesters to live in while they fought to protect woodland from motorway construction. Since then they have been put to use in the Hertshoorn camp site near Garderen in the Netherlands, where each can house two adults and two children. And more recently, we're told, Victoria Beckham ordered one for her sons, from this Christmas' Neiman Marcus Fantasy Gift List. A steal at $50,000.

Here are some more examples of Wapenaar's work. The Fourgrandpiano Pavilion (pictured above) has been used at the Boulevard theater festival in Den Bosch. It features four screens that project each performer's face – which can be seen inside and out of the tent during shows. The Birthing Tent (or Baartent, below) is a circular womb-like structure with a pool in its center and a hole in its ceiling through which to view the sky or stars (or both, depending on how long you're in there).

Tent artArtcamps around the Netherlands. These can be moved around and reorganized to form mini-societies. 'Tents,' says Wapenaar, 'are a result of my quest to find out how groups of people and individual persons relate. Tents are, with their universal language, an excellent means to understand at least something of the chemistry between people. No matter what culture or background you're coming from, a tent is a common universal home.' RM

Tent art

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  • Jordi

    December 21, 2008

    You can see more examples of treetents at urbanarbolismo.

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