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Takin' It To The Streets

When we travel someplace new we usually have at least a couple of museums and galleries on our must-see list, but how often do we remember to look around us at what’s been created under the radar? Call it graffiti, vandalism, tagging, stenciling or street art, these secretly created artworks appearing overnight on walls and buildings are rapidly becoming THE art movement of the moment and one of the biggest stars of the movement is British born stencil artist Banksy.

Although the majority of Banksy’s politically-edged work is in his native England, it appears that earlier this year he took a bit of a holiday to the African nation of Mali and left a few works behind on building walls in Bamako and Timbuktu.

Photos of his works were then shown to the public as part of his surprise Bristol Museum show that ran June – August. What a great reminder for us all to keep our eyes open when we travel. Art might just be all around us, not only in museums and galleries, and no matter the destination.


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