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Steven Holl — Buildings

Simmons Hall, designed by Steven Holl, is a college dormitory envisioned as a “vertical slice of city” ten stories tall. Like a city, it has housing, dining, and entertainment facilities. It incorporates a variety of openings to take advantage of natural light and air. Each of the dormitory single rooms has nine windows set deep in the wall to help shade summer sun.

Now under construction, the Linked Hybrid building in Beijing is another city within a structure. Each of the eight towers is linked to the others by a twenty-story-high ring of retail establishments, catering to the needs of the structure's 2,500 inhabitants.

Another structure tied to a vineyard, the Losium Hotel Wine and Spa Resort in Austria was constructed to highlight the area's 900-year-old wine vault system. The hotel has fine restaurants and convenient access to the historic underground vaults.

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