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Stellar Axis: Antarctica

Los Angeles artist Lita Albuquerque
and a team of four will be in Antarctica this month to create a replica of the sky overhead on the frozen expanse.
If you want to travel with her go to their website
and follow their adventure.

The installation will consist of approximately 100 blue spheres that will reflect a portion of the southern sky on the precise date of the winter solstice.
Spheres vary in size from ten inches to four feet across, and the full installation will be at least 400 feet in diameter.

“I’m interested in creating a mental image of the patterns aligning. In a way, it’s like taking a snapshot of a moment in time when the stars are aligned to the pattern on the ground, so that the ‘picture’ is an accurate picture of not just a planet floating in space, but a planet surrounded by a vast circulatory system of stars of which we are a part.”


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