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Songjiang Hotel

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There's been a lot of buzz about a certain hotel that's being built in China – and it's easy to see why. The Songjiang Hotel is currently under construction in a 100m-deep abandoned quarry near Shanghai, and is due to be completed in about a year. At ground level, it'll look pretty much like the land around it, thanks to a green roof that's only a little higher than the rim of the pit it's in. But underground it'll be something else entirely.

Songjiang Hotel.........................(2453.jpg)

By building the hotel where it is, designers (Atkins) and developers hope to prevent further destruction of the ecological habitat around it. And it is also hoped that it will take advantage of geothermal energy to power all of its five-star facilities. So it may become just about the greenest hotel on the planet.

And possibly the coolest too… Apart from an awe-inspiring location, a cascading waterfall from the top of the quarry into the pool below it, and striking waveform architecture, the Songjiang will have plenty on offer: restaurants, bars and a leisure complex, as well as 400 bedrooms, some of which will be underwater, looking out into a giant aquarium. There will also be rock climbing and bungee jumping from the quarry walls. Is there anything this hotel won't offer? Let's hope they finish it! RM

Images: Atkins 

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