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Solar Savior

Laptops, cell phones, iPods and digital cameras have become for many travelers as necessary as the toothbrush, socks and passport. Indeed, it is a sign of the times when your luggage is as full of clothes as it is electronics. All those gadgets need juice. And it isn’t as easy as squeezing an orange. You might need a voltage converter. Or an adaptor. And of course, a wall socket. And for that, duh, you need a wall, and a socket with a live electrical connection. Simple enough when in in cities but, not too easy to come by for outdoors adventure travelers. That is exactly where Solio steps in.

Heading to the Arctic Circle and wanna take your iPod with? Trekking through the Sahara and need to charge that GPS? Looking for a backup power source on that long road trip? Solio’s Portable Hybrid Solar Power Charger may be exactly what you need.

Sleek, small and solar savvy, the Solio is compatible with a growing number of the electronic devices that we just can’t seem to live without. Now you don’t have to. Just don’t forget it at home.

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