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Sensual sculpture

What does this remind you of? If it's human anatomy, you're thinking along the right lines. Brazilian artist Ernesto Neto is fascinated by skin and creates large, abstract installations by stretching gossamer-thin fabric into soft, sensual shapes.

Sensual sculptureMuseum of Contemporary Art in Downtown San Diego. Neto's work is an exploration of the body’s landscape from within, but what part of the body this particular installation represents is unclear – suspended teardrops or other dangling appendages? As for the smell, that comes from the 310 pounds of turmeric, 180 pounds of both clove and cumin, as well as dashes of ginger, pepper and annatto that are stuffed into the pendulums. Visitors are invited to wander through the vast space and reach their own conclusions.

Sensual sculptureRichard Gluckman, and featured artists include Neto, Eija-Liisa Ahtila, Roman de Salvo, Jenny Holzer, Richard Serra, and Richard Wright. RM

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