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I was recently visiting Chichester, a cathedral city in West Sussex, England – and a friend took me to see the Cass Sculpture Foundation in nearby Goodwood. It's a really interesting place – basically a sculpture park hidden in the woods. But it's also an art gallery where you can browse and buy all kinds of amazing works to take home with you.

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You can get lost in the woods, looking for these weird and wonderful creations, but that's part of the fun. You'll love them, hate them, and walk past some without even noticing them.

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The aim of the foundation is to encourage the creation of sculpture in the UK, and to that end it has commissioned over 160 large-scale pieces from 120 artists in the last 15 years. The foundation works with well-known artists like Antony Gormley, Rachel Whiteread and Eduardo Paolozzi, but it also represents quite a few up-and-coming names.

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I particularly liked David Worthington's Yo Reina kinetic marble sculpture, which looked like some kind of alien egg had been deposited in a clearing. Another thought-provoking (though not quite as aesthetically-pleasing) sculpture was Abigail Fallis' DNA DL90, a spiral of genetic coding made out of shopping trolleys.

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There's even a machine which lets you pay to pray. Rose Finn-Kelcey's four screens offer words of wisdom for a 20p deposit. You get your money back, whether you like the prayer or not.

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If you can't get there, the website does a pretty good job of showing off all the works currently available for sale. There's all sorts there, from bicycling elephants with funnel heads to hippos bathing. If you can't afford to buy a piece and have it shipped home (DNA DL90, for example, is priced at GBP 62,000, without shipping, and Yo Reina is GBP 45,000), the collection may inspire you to create your own. RM

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