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Recycled Bus Stop

Taking public transportation certainly is an eco-friendly choice, but it’s even more eco-friendly when your bus stop is made from recycled wares. This beautiful work of public art, as well as utility, titled Bottlestop Bus Shelter Project, is in Lexington, Kentucky.

Made by artist Aaron Scales, the bus stop was part of a national design competition. Inspired by discarded trash at the site, Scales went local with his work, constructing the bus stop out of all local Kentucky soft drink Ale-8-One bottles. The bus stop also uses LED lighting to illuminate the glass bottles at night; solar energy is collected during the day and used for the eye-popping nighttime light display. Beautiful and functional!

We’ve started to see more and more creative designs for bus stops and other public transportation hubs, and it makes me wonder if more people would commit to using public transportation if bus, subway and train stops around the country incorporated more intriguing designs? If nothing else, our routine commutes and even our travels would become just a little more interesting.


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