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Point Lookout

A few months ago we told you about an incredible ski cabin that you can airlift onto the tops of mountains – the SkiHaus, designed by Richard Horden. Here’s another of his amazingly flexible designs. Point Lookout is an aluminum/acrylic beach rig that can be folded up and carried to remote locations or used as a lifeguard’s station.

It’s a bit like a photographic tripod, with flat triangular feet that hold the rig in place in the sand. Once it’s assembled (a process that takes about an hour), it can be raised or lowered to suit its owner’s needs. And the suggested uses for it are varied. Explorers who have the means to carry the 70kg rig can use it like a tent. The platform sleeps two, and additional hammocks can be added below it. It can also be used by camera crews for coastal sporting events, or by lifeguards on beaches where permanent constructions are not allowed. For now, Point Lookout is being used by private owners in Australia and is not widely available for sale.

Richard Horden (University Professor at the Faculty for Architecture of TU Munich) and his design associates are driven by the idea of ‘light’, both in terms of brightness and lightness of weight. They explore how to achieve more with less and how to make buildings that ‘touch the earth lightly’. They are also interested in how buildings can be ‘socially light’ – ie, not weighing heavily on society or the environment – and have ‘lightness of spirit’, inspiring those who observe them.

Watch out for more from Richard Horden and his team – we’re a little hooked!

Images: courtesy of Richard Horden

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