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Morning Glory

The American photographer Spencer Tunick was at it again last weekend, photographing around 2000 nudes, this time in Amsterdam. The shoot included a stop at a carpark, and two of the city’s most recognizable imagery—the bridges that run over its famous canals and bicycles.

The Amsterdam shoot follows another in early May in Mexico City. A record 18,000 participated in the carnal session in the city’s Zócalo, not far from what was once the center of the Aztec civilization.

While Holland is known worldwide for its liberal attitude, conservative Mexico is not. 18,000 residents of the world’s second most populous catholic country may be trying to shed their prudish reputation by doing the same with their clothes.

Both shoots took place early on Sunday mornings, which brings a whole new meaning to the expression, “wearing your Sunday best”. And while this blogger absolutely agrees with sacrifice in the name of art, a look at the photos from both spectacles shows cold, grey mornings.


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