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Mobile Homes

We're constantly in motion, so why shouldn't our surroundings be? The exhibition Living in Motion takes a look at how objects can change themselves and the space around them — from “simple” partition screens or umbrellas, to Asian yurts or modular buildings like Wes Jones' Pro/Con Package Housing System.

One of the biggest design trends in recent years has been creating flexibility in living space — especially as our living and working worlds increasingly overlap. The exhibition looks at how designers have invented hybrids by melding furniture with architecture (“furnitecture“) and at how we now carry much of our household equipment around with us (mobile phones and iPods). It points out that “mobility, change, and adaptability are amongst the prerequisites of life itself.”

Exhibits are divided into categories according to their function or capability: Transporting, Adapting, Combining, Assembling and Disassembling, Folding and Unfolding, and Wearing and Carrying.

Living in Motion began its life at the Vitra Design Museum in Weil am Rhein, Germany. It's been working its way round the globe and can next be seen at the City Arts Center in Edinburgh, from April 1 to June 10, 2007.

Photo credits:

Markies, Eduard Böhtlingk, 1986-1995; Photo: Roos Aldershoff / © Eduard Böhtlingk

Wichita House, Richard Buckminster Fuller, 1940; (c) The Estate of Buckminster Fuller

Living Pod, David Greene, 1966; © Archigram Archives

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