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Light Listening

You can buy a car with a radio, DVD player, and iPod dock built in. Cell phones, music players, and cameras have merged into single devices. In the future, we will probably see even more combinations of function and entertainment, like this lamp with an integrated CD player, controlled by a virtual keyboard made completely of light.

The combination CD player/lamp was invented by Suk-woo Lee, from Hong-ik University, Korea. Controls for the CD player are projected onto the surface below, and you can read by the same light that lets you control what you are listening to. Imagine sitting at your couch reading a magazine, and being able to lower the volume of the music you are listening to by just brushing your fingers on the surface of the table beside you. And when music comes from a lamp suspended from the ceiling, it may fill the room better than music coming from a box on the wall.

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