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Kivik pavilion

A pavilion for the Kivik Arts Centre....(3629.jpg)

If you're in Sweden between now and September 28, check out the 2008 pavilion for Kivik Art Centre in Österlen, southeast Sweden. Designed by David Chipperfield and Antony Gormley, it's a sculpture made out of concrete and erected on a leafy hillside.

A pavilion for the Kivik Arts Centre....(3630.jpg)

It's made out of three sections that interlock and offer different ways of experiencing its surrounding landscapes: ‘The Cave’, ‘The Stage’ and ‘The Tower’.

A pavilion for the Kivik Arts Centre....(3628.jpg)

‘The Cave’ is at the base of the tower, and, as its name suggests, it's an enclosed space where you can sit and contemplate the dark forest. Next up is ‘The Stage’, a horizontal space that's open to the landscape. On top is ‘The Tower’, reached by spiral staircase, and offering views over the trees towards the Baltic Sea.

A pavilion for the Kivik Arts Centre....(3627.jpg)

Says Gormley, 'Three solid block masses. All volumes are the same. I see the work as a meditation on the status of sculpture and architecture and their respective relationships with light, mass and space using the material most associated with modernity: concrete.' RM

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Images: Gerry Johansson

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