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International Spy Museum

Want to be a spy? Whether your hero is James Bond, Jason Bourne or Juni Cortez from Spy Kids, you'll be in your element at the International Spy Museum in Washington DC. It's the only museum in the US dedicated solely to espionage and has a huge collection of spy-related artefacts, from concealment devices to sabotage weapons and cipher machines. They even have a James Bond car.
International Spy Museum

Last month, they launched Operation Spy, an immersive spy experience. 'You have one hour to locate a missing nuclear trigger before it ends up in the wrong hands. Move quickly. Think fast. Conduct surveillance. Polygraph a suspect agent. Steal secrets…'
International Spy Museum

There are two floors of gadgets and gizmos, tracing the history of spying from biblical times to the present day. Take for example, the humble homing pigeon. In World War One, US Intelligence sent birds out over enemy lines wearing tiny cameras that clicked continuously as they flew. Who knew? Other spy museums around the world include Moscow's KGB Museum, an exhibit within London's Imperial War Museum, and the NSA's National Cryptologic Museum. RM

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