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If you're heading to Tokyo, one must-see attraction is the new Mori Art Museum. Located in Roppongi Hills — a hip, newly-redeveloped district of downtown Tokyo that is attempting to set new standards in urban planning — the museum has the distinction of a very lofty location.

Its planners envisioned an art museum that would be truly accessible to everyone, encourage the work of new artists, and approach art in a totally new way. It has definitely succeeded in being unique. Even though its lobby (a 100-foot-high translucent glass cone) is on the ground floor, the actual museum is on the top floors (53rd and 54th) of the Mori Tower skyscraper. So, once you've inspected and contemplated all of the art, you can take in incredible views of Tokyo and beyond.

The surrounding neighborhood is also littered with public art, including “Maman,” Louise Bourgeois' giant spider in bronze, stainless steel, and ceramic.

Exhibitions starting this January at the Mori include the whimsically-titled “Smile in Japanese Art” and “All About Laughter: Humor in Contemporary Art” — with “Le Corbusier: Art and Architecture” following later this year.

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