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Here's a story about the perils of international travel… and how difficult it is to transport a swimming pool halfway across the world. An Argentinian physical-theatre group called Fuerzabruta had just packed up all their gear and were heading to Scotland for the Edinburgh Festival. Their show, to be based in a 1,200-seater black tent at Ocean Terminal, is to be the biggest the Edinburgh Fringe has ever seen – and features an enormous transparent plastic swimming pool suspended above the crowd. As they were leaving Bogota, Colombia, the narcotics police opened their shipping container and slashed their way through the contents with knives – totally destroying the custom-made pool in the process.

Gone was Fuerzabruta's most exciting visual effect. The group's technical team and an emergency transportation company stepped up to the plate – and worked round the clock to make sure the show happened as planned. An entirely new swimming pool was made in three days flat, and is currently being flown from Argentina to Edinburgh.

Although the company had to cancel its first two shows on 2 and 3 August, the show is still on – and an extra performance has been added on Sunday 5 August. Perhaps they should have chosen the 'Nothing to declare' line at customs…

Photographs: Alejandro Guyo, Martin Garcia

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