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Europe by Designers

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You don't have to travel to see exhibitions any more. You should, but you don't have to. This month, you can not only catch a great exhibition from the comfort of your sofa, but you can also gain a fascinating insight into Europe – through the eyes of designers.

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Europe by Designers has been organized by HUG United (Hype Up Gallery Utd), and here's how they describe their project: 'an international artistic project whose aim is to unveil a multitude of images of Europe from the inside and from the outside. Design as the expression of a cultural vision, a political vision, or a simple unposed feeling… design and its diversity as a new way to catch Europe.'

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After their call for submissions, HUG received 600 contributions, by artists from all over the world. They whittled the selection down to 52. We've chosen a few here. The top three photos are by Andy Lohner from Austria, who has this to say about Europe: 'It's a personal reflection on Europe, a sort of appeal to an ideal europe, what it is and what it should / could be. I chose randomly twelve pictures, which I took during the last year and the prose in them took the form of an illustrative handwriting. Every photo has a sentence taken out from the prose telling a part of the story (shown in the analog typewriter type).'

Europe by Designers.....................(europestitch.jpg)

The photos above are by German designer Eugen Laitenberger, who has this to say: 'My work is dealing with the topic of childhood. Everyone of us have a different background – comes from a different country or had been brought up in a different place that recall certain memories from that time. In this picture, from the family album, the memories of the childhood has been preserved, although this innocent time is long gone.'

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And finally, something for all the B-movie lovers out there, an image by Emanuel Pereira from Portugal. Here are his words: 'I decided to represent problems in today’s Europe with a monster from a 40’s or 50’s category C horror movie. Because this shitty situation Europe is in is just like that. It has no suspense since everyone could see and forecast what was going to happen. And it’s like a car crash: you know it’s going to happen and that it’s going to be ugly, but you just can’t stop staying still and watch.' RM

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