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Cloud City

Post-apocalyptic housing................(2732.jpg)

What if New York City was hit by a catastrophic storm? There's a fair chance that residents of the densely-populated city would find themselves homeless. In January, the winners of the What if New York City… Design Competition were announced. This design, Cloud City by Ostap Rudakevych, didn't win – but it was certainly the most creative entry.

Post-apocalyptic housing................(2730.jpg)

Inspired perhaps by the Star Wars city of the same name, Cloud City is a collection of huge blimp-like homes tethered to the ground. The idea is that residents would move to the sky to live until their more terrestrial homes had been rebuilt. But the big question is – would they want to come down again?

Post-apocalyptic housing................(2731.jpg)

Here are some other entries that looked good – a honeycomb-style pod city, another very similar design, the New York City Weaver, and a pontoon city

Post-apocalyptic housing................(2733.jpg)

In case you think this is all sci-fi fantasy, bear in mind that there's a geographic characteristic called the New York Bight. A bight is a curve in a shoreline that funnels and increases the speed and intensity of a storm surge. New York has – or is – one. This makes it especially vulnerable to the wrath of hurricanes. Yikes. RM

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