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Bob the Transformer

Meet Bob. Bob is a mobile home. Bob is special because he is unlike any other mobile home you have ever seen. That’s because Bob has a secret. He transforms. Bob is part tent, part car and part house. Bob’s designers, Andrew Maynard and Soren Luckins, describe Bob as an exploration of “the relationship between the basic human requirements of travel and shelter”.

Bob certainly is. His main trick is simple. All of the engine, drive train and gear box is located under the front seats. This allows the rest of the space to be used for living. The walls and ceiling creatively unfold, substantially increasing the floor space. That’s what makes Bob Bob.

Bob’s length can be custom made to to your needs. His price, unknown, depends on his length, like the price of wood. Unfortunately Bob is not available yet. He is still just a glimmer in his design team’s eye. And ours.

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