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Banksy tags LA

banksy-33 As the 2011 Oscar ceremony approaches, speculation has been rife about whether anonymous British street artist Banksy will make an appearance. He's certainly been making his presence felt on the streets of LA. Take this twisted portrayal of Hollywood life that was found embellishing a poster on Sunset Boulevard. It's Mickey and Minnie as you've never seen them before. banksy-22 Mickey and Minnie were taken down pretty quickly (probably to sell for a small fortune). But four other pieces popped up in other locations: a peeing dog; a boy with a machine gun, loaded with crayons; Charlie Brown turned pyromaniac; and a commentary on an elephant-shaped metal tank. There's also an enormous Oscar stormtrooper mural depicting Banksy as a gold statuette, attributed to Banksy's collaborator, Mr Brainwash. See below. banksy-11 The reason for all this furore is that Banksy made a documentary about street artists called Exit Through the Gift Shop, and it snagged a Oscar nod. Banksy issued a statement saying he was surprised. 'I don't agree with the concept of award ceremonies,' he said, 'but I'm prepared to make an exception for the ones I'm nominated for. The last time there was a naked man covered in gold paint in my house, it was me.' banksy-44 The Oscar nomination isn't a big problem, unless you're a highly successful graffiti artist who travels incognito, often sporting a monkey mask. Here's the dilemma… Forget not having enough bling to be seen on the red carpet, can you accept your statuette wearing a mask? 'The fun, but disquieting scenario is that if the film wins,' says Oscar organizer Bruce Davis, 'and five guys in monkey masks come to the stage all saying, "I'm Banksy," who the hell do we give it to?' banksy-1010 As a result, Banksy was first uninvited, then reinvited. 'We said if he wants to come up of course he should come up,' academy president Tom Sherak told the Hollywood Reporter. 'No, we'd rather he not wear a mask. There's no rule. We asked him /div> to respect the night and respect the honour.' banksy-99 The possible outcomes are fascinating to speculate on, but my favorite outcome would be this: Banksy wins the Oscar, a man in a monkey mask accepts it, then whips off his mask in a moment of long-awaited revelation. FBI officers, waiting in the wings, close in, hoping for a chance to arrest the elusive tagger. But closer inspection reveals the man behind the monkey mask is a grinning George Clooney. banksy-55 Some more of Banksy's LA work below. RM banksy-new-1111 banksy-77 banksy-66 banksy-88

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  • Rae

    May 8, 2013

    Seriously? Why would Banksy be arrested? At least his work has MEANING and is trying to get a message across, let alone being creative and amazing. It doesnt clutter the city like some other graffiti might. I believe that street art can be unnecessary sometimes, but Banksys art is just amazing and shouldnt be arrested. He has the right to stay revealed if he chooses.

  • Dalaurya

    February 16, 2013

    Artwork > soulless concrete.

  • ME

    November 23, 2012

    Know your resources dude!! the first one is for sure NOT Banksy !!!!!!

  • Kander

    September 19, 2012

    To those who say he should be arrested……HA. Seriously Though some make good points street art gets taken down, when it looks terrible or is offensive. To say that it makes a city look “trashy” ignores that many big cities are employing street artists to tag their city because it actually makes the city look better than blank boring buildings.

  • web design

    August 22, 2012

    just rehash of other artists

  • Cait

    August 22, 2012

    All art is a rehash of other artists.

  • pikuls

    August 21, 2012

    I would die laughing if he ‘vandalized’ my stuff in such a funny way to be honest.

  • Benjakorn

    August 20, 2012

    Should graffiti be illegal-yes.
    Do I want Banksy to be arrested-no.

    Part of the beauty of graffiti is that it is illegal. Artists take a risk to get arrested to say something meaningful to them. Yes, often times some “artists” don’t say anything interesting, but sometimes they step up and make everyone think differently about an important issue. Banksy is well aware that he is breaking the law and in all likelihood is perfectly content that graffiti is illegal. If you haven’t realized by now that sometimes there is a good reason to break a rule, you should go back to kindergarten.

    Also, “Saddenedbyidiots” learn to spell “breaking” before you try acting like an expert on anything.

  • Rob

    August 20, 2012

    Banksy is a breath of fresh air. if he does show up, I’d be happy to run interference for him as he grabs the Oscar and takes off. I just wish I had his talent-I’d be living the good life!

  • Spencer

    August 20, 2012

    I think that his art is great, but I still think people should understand that vandalism is wrong. If someone shaved your head in your sleep, and everyone told you it looked better, but you thought it looked hideous, I think you’d still be mad at that person, and want to hold them responsible. This analogy doesn’t cover every angle of the topic, but the point is if I owned property and someone vandalized it, I don’t think I would care much what they put on it, I would hope that people would respect my ownership enough not to deface that thing.

    TL;DR: it’s nice art, but vandalism is bad.

  • Smith

    August 19, 2012

    It seems to me that Exit through the Gift Shop was a hoax in its self. The more I study Banksy, the more I am beginning to think that this is not one man but a group of people out to make us all look a fool whilst making a great deal of money doing it. I know that I cannot prove this. As for this being vandalism or art, I say when you catch the man or men behind this then it is vandalism. Up until the convection nothing is a crime.

  • aristos

    August 19, 2012

    It’s not everybody’s idea of art but how is Banksy’s work any more offensive than the thousands of advertisements everybody is subjected to everyday. And he’s not even selling anything – except, perhaps, the concept that people might want to question what they can’t avoid seeing.

  • Mick

    August 18, 2012

    “What if Banksy is not a person but a group of people with one representative” ~ I think you are right. When he dies he’ll probably leave the bed in his spare room to his missus.

  • Awesome Sound

    August 18, 2012

    @Saddened by idiots, if banksy, or any other talented artist, painted on my car the value of my car would increase 500%. It would be simply wonderful. Alas, some people love dull more than beautiful.

  • Kelly

    August 17, 2012

    I find more of myself in others a lot. I also see a brainwashed world tied in knots within knots about whats morally correct and not. We are fed by media; billboards, posters, ads, etc. All of which is considered art, yet big bucks are spent to woo you to being their consumer.

    Please, do me a favor, consume this. It is free, and the only benefit, the artist gets is, acknowledgement. I too have painted murals all around the country, free portraits of my ideas of the hunt of prey in my travels, just as my fore fathers have done for thousands of years. The history of graffiti and its wonders is part of our heritage as human beings. No man made law will change those of us who feel the need to release art freely. Opening the minds of the lost is no different then leaving a picture in a cave to show a near by happy hunting ground to to like minded travelers, sound familiar?

  • him

    August 17, 2012

    Banksy IS Jen.

  • dan

    August 17, 2012

    Actually, Banksy is fairly original. When he rehashes other art, it’s to make a valid point, thus creating a new piece of art. Mr. Brainwash, on the other hand, is more of a rehash of other street artists.

  • Mark

    August 17, 2012

    Exit through the gift shop is hands down the best street art documentary out there in my opinion, let Banksy show up in his monkey mask, he’s an artist trying to lighten up shitty city streets and I don’t think arresting him for vandalism will make any kind of difference. Shit, if he gets arrested i’ll just start doing my own street art.

  • bob

    August 16, 2012

    Banksy is overated, just rehash of other artists

  • Jess

    August 16, 2012

    What if Banksy is not a person but a group of people with one representative, who will never show his face so the group stays annon.? In any case, the ART he/they produce(s) is better than a blank wall that the county/owner lets fall to shit anyway.

  • Ben

    August 16, 2012


  • Mike

    August 16, 2012

    @Team Robo,

    No you’re all artists and vandals including Banksy. I love graffiti and the independent attitude it fosters. Art is free. Enjoy it!

  • Dan

    August 15, 2012

    Team Robo, there is a difference between street art and pointless graffiti. I haven’t seen your stuff so i can’t say which you fall under. All I know is that I see too many shit tags and it’s nice to see more thought than “That would be a dope spot to hit.”

  • Jon

    August 15, 2012

    @saddened by idiots I would love it if Banksy painted my car. He is a true artist and he would be adding a lot of value to my car (which I would then probably sell for an obscene amount of dosh).

  • dan

    August 15, 2012

    Jen, obviously you dont know art

  • n/a

    August 15, 2012

    stay true be you hidden in plain view

  • dumb dumb

    August 15, 2012

    The walls look a lot prettier after he was done with them and obviously not one of you have lived in the ghetto where people don’t really mind graffiti!

  • Saddened by idiots

    August 15, 2012

    What is really sad is that most of you think “oh he’s just expressing his art” when what he is doing is braking the law.
    If he painted on your car’s front window, you wouldn’t be too happy about his art.
    Is he talented? Yes.
    Is he doing something to someone else’s stuff without permission? YES.

  • Meticularius

    August 15, 2012

    Banksy is a spokesman of our times, a visual poet and humorist. Anyone who would silence him is as wrong as those governments that stifle, suffocate, imprison, and kill their own people for different beliefs.

  • Team Robo

    August 15, 2012

    He’s an artist and the rest of us are vandals. Drop the double standard and quit putting this punk on a pedestal.

  • Gin

    August 15, 2012

    Since when do we let people draw on our streets and buildings because it looks cool? I’ve seen plenty of awesome graffiti that gets taken down within days because it makes the city look trashy. If this guy is allowed to paint on the walls, then it makes others believe their ‘art’ is just as good, and causes a problem.

  • King

    August 14, 2012

    @Jen, you’re an close-minded fool.
    I could go on to great lengths about the similarities and differences between today’s so called “art” and “Vandalism”, however I can tell you’d disregard each statement, and still think you’re doing the public a service.

    Think outside the box. You’d be amazed at how many shop owners are now employing these “vandals” to legally deface their property by adding street art to their walls.

  • Portlandism

    August 14, 2012

    Why, Jen? I would rather see this than the crap advertisements I have to pass by everyday. No one asked my permission to see a fucking McDonalds, or a Starbucks add emblazoned on everything.

    Take back public spaces.

  • Elsyfr

    August 14, 2012

    Haha…nice photos, very creative…I would’ve never thought of something like that, the first 3 pics are amazing… they made me laugh like a kid…

  • StreetArtFan

    August 14, 2012

    You cannot be serious! Banksy is one of the greatest artists of our generations and I’m appalled that you would want to imprison someone for giving a voice to the voiceless.

  • Jak

    August 14, 2012

    The best art is the kind that is born out of passion like these works. The world needs more artists like Banksy: he brings life to otherwise emotionless spaces. Obviously he is the kind of artist that uses the world as his canvas with no intention of profit, simply enjoyment. Vandalism, technically yes; should he be arrested? Absolutely not.

  • Michelle

    August 14, 2012

    Art is everywhere, you shouldn’t be punished for expressing yourself in a way that doesn’t disrespect anyone. Lighten up and enjoy someone’s creativity.

  • Bugsy

    August 14, 2012

    Arrest him? What is wrong with you? Are you angry that he produces meaningful art and displays it for free? No, probably not, maybe you just enjoy advertising. That’s weird, and this time I mean “weird” in a bad way.

  • S.E.

    August 14, 2012

    Agree w/ jen. Vibrant artistic works created on an otherwise dull urban setting, and intended to be seen, shared, and enjoyed by the entire world free of any charge should be punished!

  • Maestroshake11

    August 14, 2012

    Arresting the man would be a bit much. all hes done is rely on an artistic medium to make people think of the things that the average airhead hasnt been thinking of.

    its thought evoking, and well executed. i give the man two thumbs up, and invite him to paint my house.

  • Punky Dilemma

    August 14, 2012

    His ‘vandalism’ is better than most so-called ‘artists.’

  • amanda

    August 14, 2012

    some people stare art right in the face and STILL don’t appreciate it. so sad that so many people are blind.

  • Cora

    August 13, 2012

    I don’t think he should have to show his face is he doesn’t want to. I don’t think they should arrest him. He’s showing people his artwork, and it’s a lot better than some of today’s “modern art.” He’s a pure genius with a true talent. He’s not harming anyone physically so there is no reason to arrest him!

  • Jen

    August 11, 2012

    Invite him, then arrest him for multiple counts of vandalism if he shows up!

Any comments?