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Audi Spectacle

audi It's being called a new concept in billboards – advertising on a massive scale, taking over some of the world's greatest architectural icons to sell upscale cars. Recognize the rings hanging from the Sydney Harbour Bridge, above? Those not only belong to Audi, but they encase Audis. audi-3 Here they are again on New York's Brooklyn Bridge, and they pop up again on the Rialto Bridge in Venice and Tower Bridge in London. audi-5 The spectacle starts as the mechanics are hauled into place, then a launch party for each kicks off late at night. The rings light up and rotate, while a live symphony orchestra plays, stopping pedestrians and drivers in their tracks. audi-6 Creative agency ACCESS has created this series of images to accompany the Audi Spectacle concept, and they're causing quite a stir in the media. And that's exactly what they're meant to be doing. Because, rather disappointingly, they're unlikely ever to be built. audi-2 As far as we know, it's only a concept, and Audi has no plans to jump through the hoops required to get planning permission for such an audacious plan. Shame. RM audi-7

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