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Far Meadow in Winter

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Far Meadow in Winter is spectacular.

And ‘BouBou’ our companion made the ride on the snowmobile and loves it out here.

Far Meadow in Winter. General Information. What to expect.

For the winter month, when our cabins can only be reached by snowmobile, we open Dec19 until April or May, depending on when the snow has melted and the road is open for regular access.

If you want to experience this unique location during those month you need to either own your own snowmobile or be competent to operate a snowmobile. This is mandatory since it will be the only way to get you out in case of an emergency.

It is  about a 8 miles snowmobile ride to get up to the cabins and depends on the snow level, can be more or less. We require that you meet our guide and caretaker no later than 12 Noon the day of your arrival in order to get you out there.

If you can’t make it at that time we recommend that you stay at our ‘Basecamp’ on Old Yosemite Road in Oakhurst the night before and meet our guide there.

As you can see in the snowmobile pictures, our guide will drive his snowmobile and will be able to bring your limited luggage and supply with his snowmobile while one in your party will be driving an additional 2 seater snowmobile (Polaris Trail Touring DLX).

polaris-trail-touring trail-touring-dlx

The  snowmobile is included in our cabin rental rate and is mandatory for the duration of your stay. If you bring your own snowmobile we will adjust the rate.

While at the cabin you will have limited power supply (solar), a backup generator, internet access, skype (expect a fairly slow connection) and water. Water supply can vary and we cannot guaranty running water if weather conditions are too harsh.

We have been staying at the cabin without running water, so we melted the snow on the fireplace and used this water for washing, cleaning and the bathroom. There is plenty of wood available to burn in the fireplace and keep you comfortable warm.

Please remember that you need to have snowshoes to get anywhere. We do supply 2 pairs. There is drinking water available for you and the Log cabin kitchen is equipped with a propane stove, the A frame cabin with a smaller 2 burner cook top.

Overall, please accept that this remote location in winter is not for everybody. It can get a bit rough, you need to bring correct clothing and be ready to be ‘out there’ for the time being. Don’t forget your supply, it’s a long way to the next liquor store.

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