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Far Meadow – 2 Cabins on 20 Acres

It’s the beginning of July and we have been enjoying Far Meadow immensely. Our 2 cabins are ready for the first guests this season and our caretaker CHRIS and SONIA are looking forward not only to welcome you to your cabin but also to show our visitors some amazing places around the Sierra Vista Scenic Byway.

A-Frame, Exterior

Log Cabin

Every day we are discovering new spots, let it be swimming holes, waterfalls, magic flowering meadows or a simple new hiking trail around the property. The evenings are cool and the campfire is the perfect spot to gather and enjoy the peaceful surrounding. If you are interested in visiting us this summer, here are the Rates and for availability you need to contact us . On the next pages we have some more current images of our original Log Cabin and what you can do while visiting Far Meadow.

When you come to Far Meadow we offer all the amenities you might expect. We call it luxury camping. Both cabins are equipped with their own bathroom, shower, hot and cold water. Full kitchen, electricity (solar powered), Internet access and of course both cabins have an outside BBQ and inside a romantic fireplace to keep you comfortable warm – if needed.

A-Frame, Exterior A-Frame, Interior A-Frame, Interior, Bed

During the day you should explore the surroundings. This part of the High Sierra is as beautiful as Yosemite Park but without the crowd. You will have all the meadows, valleys, rocks and hikes for yourself. Enjoy it by foot, bike or take your car if you want to explore further.

A-Frame, See and Discover

Biker’s paradise

A-Frame, See and Discover

Hiker’s paradise

A-Frame, See and Discover A-Frame, See and Discover A-Frame, See and Discover

Your paradise

Go to the A Frame Cabin Rental here. Continue to the Log Cabin Rental here.

Far Meadow in Winter.

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  • Liz smith

    June 23, 2013

    Wow what a gorgeous property. I can feel the peace; hear the wind in the trees; listen to the water in the stream & smell that fresh mountain air!!!!

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