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Hobo Magazine , Nov 19th, 2009

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No road. A thirty minute boat ride takes you from Boca de Tomatlan to the bottom of a hill near the small village of Yelapa. You then walk up the meandering path while the mules carry your luggage. Mules never fall. All day long they quietly negotiate the path’s thousand steps. Stone after stone, they helped build a Verana that wouldn’t exist without them. Scattered in the jungle on top of the mountain, eight hand-made bungalows. No names, no arrows. Purely organic, incredibly beautiful. Watsu pool, papaya and avocado facials, banana wash and carefully hand-picked objects. The pool is the colour of stone, constantly refilled by the source coming from the mountain. There is a coati hiding in the bushes. At night, candles light the tables overlooking the bay. Only a few candles. Verana is real.

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