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Traditional Japanese Townhouses

Gion Shinmonzen, Kyoto, Japan

When you think of traveling in Japan, you probably imagine densely packed high-tech cities, bustling shopping districts lit 24 hours a day by neon lights, and bullet trains packed with business people zooming around the island. Similarly, when you think of a typical Japanese hotel, the image your head is probably one of a super-modernized luxurious mega-hotel, much like the one seen in Sofia Coppola's classic "Lost in Translation".


However we've made an exciting discovery: traditional Japanese townhouses for rent in Kyoto, Tokyo, and beyond. All of these townhouses – or machiya, as they are called in Japanese – embody the elegant elements of traditional Japanese design and the philosophy of "Wabi Sabi". Some are purely Japanese in style, while others mix Western amenities with traditional touches.

The collection now offers over 14 distinctly Japanese, totally traditional townhouses for rent. Discover /div> this special collection at and find your very own "Wabi Sabi Inspiration." MT


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